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Partial Dentures are an alternate choice to permanent treatment options which help patients regain the ability to bite, chew, and talk naturally. Partial dentures are attached to permanent teeth with either metal or metal-free clasps and are usually less expensive than permanent bridges or implant restorative options.


Cast Metal Partials

Chrome Cobalt Metal Partial

  • Cast Partial Frame w/Flexible Partial


Vitallium®2000 Metal Partial

  • Vitallium®2000 Frame w/Valplast®


  • Cast metal partials and frames are composed of a chrome cobalt alloy or Vitallium®2000 premium alloy


  • Provide a precision fit and refined surface for exceptional strength and fracture resistance


  • Vitallium®2000 is biocompatible and Nickel and Beryllium-Free

Metal-Free Partials

Flexible Partial Denture

Valplast® Flexible Partial

  • Fabricated with a biocompatible thermoplastic nylon material, Jet Stream’s Flexible Partial Dentures are metal-free delivering 100% flexibility for the utmost comfort and durability


  • At Jet Stream Dental, emphasis is placed on each individual case design to ensure the delivery of a perfect-fitting, functional, and esthetically pleasing partial denture


  • Flexible Partial Dentures are an affordable restorative option that help patients rediscover their natural smile

Treatment Partials


Acrylic Flipper (1 Tooth)

Stayplate (2-5 Teeth)

Acrylic Partial (6+ Teeth)